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Hiking is a wonderful sport that gives you a great workout and an opportunity to see some amazing scenery.  You can work up a sweat hiking to the top of a mountain, and then relax and enjoy your reward -- a gorgeous view from the top.   And unlike other sports, there's no competition to worry about!

In addition to being great for your body, hiking is great for the soul.  While on a hike, you can see all sorts of amazing animals, plants and insects.   You can pause by a stream and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.  More than being about a destination, hiking is truly about the journey.   How much you get out of the journey depends on how much you pay attention to everything around you. 

The best part is, hiking is not an expensive sport requiring a lot of practice and skill.  If you can walk, you can hike!  The only equipment needed is a sturdy pair of hiking shoes.  Grab some water, snacks and a trail map, and you're all set for a short day hike.

I'm happy to share with you three of my favorite hiking spots in Eastern Massachusetts.
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Nickerson State Park
Brewster, MA

Great Brook Farms
Carlisle, MA

Walden Pond State Reservation
Concord, MA

Other places to hike in Eastern Massachusetts that I highly recommend:

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Need companions to hike with? 
This is the place to go:
Appalachian Mountain Club

Background photo of the California coast taken by me during a hike.