A few of my favorite sites 

Fun Voices

This is a really fun link...Type in what you want to hear, choose a voice, then click on speak...   

Cyber Fireworks    

More Fireworks 

Internet Fireworks!  I love these.  If you haven't seen internet fireworks, check them out.


They have over 300 full books and over 1000 short stories and poems by over 90 authors -- all available to read online for free!

Free Email Guide


Directories of free email services.  I'm an email connoisseur so feel free to ask me also.  My suggestion: if I were looking for a new account, I'd look for one with IMAP and SMTP. There's a good email forum at EmailDiscussions.com


Great place to investigate credit cards. The cardholder reviews tell it like it is!


Huge collection of royalty-free animated gifs for personal use.

Lyrics Cafe

"What was he saying?"  Search for lyrics by artist or song, and find out what he or she was really singing!   Also, you can search for a lyrical phrase, which is great if you want to know "Who sings that song with the words...."

  Travel Info and Bargains       



Great tools to find cheap flights throughout Europe and Asia and other places.



Use one search engine to check prices on a bunch of airline/travel sites at once.   Be sure to check out the biggies too: expedia.com, orbitz.com, travelocity.com



Get great deals on hotel rooms at Priceline.com, by FIRST checking these two forums to find the lowest bids recently accepted for your destination.



Websites for connecting with others around the world who can offer you a couch and friendship while you visit their city.  It's a great way to meet a local, make a friend and get a free place to stay.

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet's website has so much information on various sites.  Also, check out the FAQ in their Thorn Tree forum for any place you're thinking of going.  You can ask questions and get many different responses, which I find very helpful for my itinerary planning.




Hostels, guest houses, B&B's, hotels and many other great travel resources at these sites.  Check out the reviews at all three sites before you decide on a place.  Also, Hostelbookers.com has fewer places but often a different selection and lets you book without any fee.

  Holistically-oriented sites 


Great site to meet holistically-oriented people, send cool e-cards, sign petitions, click to donate for free, get news, and so much more!


"The online source of all things holistic."


Many fun and interesting surveys and articles.

Earth Star Magazine

Great New England holistic magazine, and you can read the PDF online for free.


A clearinghouse of information on conscious evolution.


Site for Abraham-Hicks Publications.  This link takes you to back issues of the Abraham newsletter which are interesting.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucidity Institute

A couple of interesting sites that teach you how to lucid dream (dreaming while knowing you're dreaming).

  Friends' Sites          

Eyegore's Graphics

My friend Joe makes awesome 3D animated graphics.  Check out a sampling of his work.

Dave's RUSH Page

Dave's webpage dedicated to an awesome band -- RUSH!  (I SEE you rolling your eyes, Jan!) ;-)

Dave's Music Page

Download and listen to Dave's songs, all performed and recorded by him.

Dick's Homepage

My Uncle Dick's homepage.  See how he spends his spare time.

Gauthier Graphics

Amazing graphics here, as my friend Mike is quite an artist.

Hazlenut Land

Miranda's fun webpage she made while visiting me. Full of cute animal pictures and lots more!

         Discussion Boards       

Thorn Tree

Lonely Planet discussion boards for questions on all things travel-related, and anything and everything else.

CWG Bulletin Board

Lots of friendly, intelligent people here.


Great place to find awesome deals on anything and everything and ask questions.


Have any questions about credit?  Go here!