Here you'll find a sampling of webpage snippets I created for the Intro to Web Design/Javascript course I took during the summer of 2003 (a fun way to earn four college credits).  Click the links to the left to explore.  Many links you click will appear right here, but a few will open in new browser window, particularly links to other people's sites.   Many of these pages were originally hand-coded using HTML and Javascript in Notepad. So if you think they're lame...well...let's see you do much better using pure text! :)

NEW Traveler IQ Challenge!

Test your knowledge of the world, Europe, the U.S., world flags and more!
Try it - it's fun!!

I have a few interactive features on my website and I hope you'll participate!  Please click on the various buttons below.  

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It takes only a minute to load the world map and click on your home.  It's really fun to see where everyone is from.

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No blog posts from me here yet...hopefully soon.  Stay tuned.

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My Travels

The European countries in RED are those I have already visited. Pretty cool, eh? Of course there's always so much I want to go back to see...places I haven't been yet including vast, unexplored continents calling out to me... Please click the link to my travels to see photos and read about my adventures.

DREAM IT and DO IT !!!


Have fun exploring, and let me know what you think!